The Courage to Trust the Journey

I often say I just need a minute. When I feel overwhelmed, stressed out or life just seems to be moving too fast my whole body reacts and in my mind or even out loud I will say I just need a minute. And in that minute I pause, I feel my whole body relax, […]

Unwinding on Your Journey Home to Your Soul

I often refer to unwinding the nervous system. I believe we all carry lifetimes of tension here, impacting the vibrant flow of energy through us. I have this image of it unwinding in an endless spiral and as I write this it has taken on a glittery, shimmery element….almost a freeing up. I truly believe […]

It’s Just a Moment to Listen for the Whispers

This is the beginning for me of stepping into visibility as a wayshower lightworker. The journey to get here has been enlightening, healing and filled with twists and turns. I am so grateful for each of you. I will share some things I have written with the encouragement for the reader to do some personal […]