It’s Just a Moment to Listen for the Whispers

This is the beginning for me of stepping into visibility as a wayshower lightworker. The journey to get here has been enlightening, healing and filled with twists and turns. I am so grateful for each of you. I will share some things I have written with the encouragement for the reader to do some personal reflection, to pause for a moment and breathe and write down anything that floats into their heart or mind. I truly know my life transformed when I listened for the whispers calling me home, back to my soul. And I also know it was simply moment to moment, breath by breath.


Listen for the Whispers

Listen for the whispers, it’s your soul’s guidance to bring forth your gifts to the world. You can hear it. If you pause and are still, quiet and breathe….listen and listen some more. You may feel a longing deep within yourself. It is safe to trust it… may be quiet, it may be a knowing, something so certain and yet you can’t quite make it out. Trust the deep vibration…..take a deep breath and settle in… yourself……trust your soulful wisdom.


Listen for the whispers from your soul, feel the vibration of the knowing, trust that pulsing, follow that guidance, take that small next step… as the colors and textures unfold….at moments you may doubt it, it might be disorienting…..but just take the next step, whatever that means to you and know it’s your soul calling you home.


Take a Moment

Listen for the quiet instruction, the guidance from God, from Source, from the Universe, from wherever you know and trust that it comes from. Take a moment, just a moment and pause and breathe and breathe again. It’s there, right there, maybe you’ve been distracted by so many things, so many responsibilities, obligations, just trying to get from day to day under the stress that life has brought to you. Just take a moment and breathe, let the tension drop away, just for a moment and trust that moment can be the change on the path you are on. It isn’t easy, but it is possible, there is an opening, right there, when you pause and let yourself breathe deeply and unwind, feel yourself unwind just a little… doesn’t have to be all at once. Trust the deep soulful guidance and just take one step. You are here to be a pillar of light, glimmering out to the world with your story and your gifts. Breathe deeply and unwind for just one moment.


Deep Reconnection

Deep reconnection is all that matters………there is a glimmer, a knowing……’s elusive at times and we often forget……….we get busy………..but something happens…………something reminds us and we pause, we breathe, we go back to the yoga mat……….we walk on the beach and we hear the whisper again and yet again and we pause and we breathe and something comes alive for us and all we know is we want more of that, more of those peaceful expansive moments and we have hope as we courageously move forward and drop deeper.


In this moment as you pause is there something quiet that comes forward for you, a word, a feeling or simply a sensation? Write it down, in a journal, on a pad of paper or a post-it note. Somewhere to gently remind you as you walk along this path.


Remember we all just need a minute. A minute to breathe deeper, to pause, even for just a moment. It’s in that pause that you can hear the whisper from your soul, calling you home.


Join me on this heroine’s journey of healing, wisdom, remembering, awakening, dropping in deeper, glitter and joy. I can’t wait to meet you.


With so much love, light and healing,



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